Life Update

I'm living in Louisiana, that's a thing.
Uh, well, it's been a while. I've been attempting to find the need to write something.
The summer has been long. Well, I've gotten a job at Target. I'm not supposed to say much more then that, contracts and such.

I don't think many of you actually read this anymore. Then again I don't really post things on here anymore. I don't know what to post.

Do I post poems that I write, because I'm finally getting more into doing that.
Do I just do life updates, though nothing really happen sin my life anymore.
Do I post my music list for every month, because they are constantly changing.

Anyway, passing the depressing moment.
I just wanted to put something up again, maybe I'll post a poem I recently written if I ever get to it.

That's all for now
-Military Brat

Poetry Slam

Tonight I slammed my first poem. Nothing long or dramatic. Just something I wrote when I felt anxious and needed a release over something I now realize to be kind of stupid but eh.
Any way I wanted to share my poem with the 8 of you who read this.

A Crush
By Sakura
A crush
5 letter but 10 thousand different meanings.
A crush it the feeling of your heart beating like a little hammer in your chest. Your stomach twisting and turning in every possible way, the butterflies trying to escape.
A crush is the lump in your throat that you just cant seem to swallow.
It's the sweat in your palms like honey in your hands.
It's the breath taken away from your chest when you see their smile,

Its the thought that ruins is all.

Its the thought that is would never happen.
Its the hope the suddenly and painfully dies in your chest.
Its the tears in your eyes that threaten to fall over the edge.
Its the pain with every step away from them.
Its their laughter in your ears that you hear as you walk…


I need somebody. Help! Not just anybody.
If you don’t know this song.....

Anyway. I need some help here. My current school has some rules in place that I believe are absurd. Rules like completely banning phone on campus. Rules like not being able to show your shoulder. Rules like not being able to wear hats AT ALL.

But a rule that bothers me is not being able to listen to music during the school day. Now, not listening to music during class I can understand. However we’re now allowed to listen to music before class or during lunch. That’s insane to me. Especially when music can help anxiety and depression(a prominent issue in teens).

I want to change this rule in schools. I just don’t know how. I was thinking a petition or an essay backed with student feed back.

I need your help with this. Many brains are better then 1. And my brain is FRIED. So any help will be greatly appreciated!

That’s all for now.
-Military brat

That song you should know here.

Short Hair Issues

A couple months ago, I think it was 6 months ago, I cut my hair. I don't just mean a hair trim, I mean I cut off a good 8 inches. (I did measure this by the way). Fast forward I now have short curly hair. I myself, love my hair! Its given me more confidence then having long hair that I never knew what to do with did. Of course there were critics in the world who opposed a female having short hair. There were also people who thought it was best interest of the entire world to give their opinion! Here's a lit of things people have said to me or things that in general happen when a girl has short hair. By the way, I thought about this is the shower while washing my hair! No shame in the shower thoughts.
1) "Wow, I'm sorry I thought you were a boy,"
Now, though I myself have never personally received this comment, I have been talking to many other girls with short hair who do have this issue. It's a issue especially when short haired females wear over sized cloth…


I don't regret attempting suicide. I don't want to believe in regret. I want to believe in the past, present and future. Its hard to believe in these things when I can't let go of the past.
I don't regret taking the pills. I do regret not taking more. I want to forget the look of my mothers face in that office when she heard the news of how here baby girl wanted to die. How her baby girl didn't want to live anymore.
I don't regret sitting in the E.R for 4 hours so they could tell me what I already know. I messed up my liver pretty badly. The nurse shed tears of my want to die. Why did she shed tears of a girl she barely knew?
I don't regret showing up the next day to school to get out from the house. I couldn't stand the look on my fathers face. The feeling in the hospital room. The tension and disappointment that could be cut with a butter knife. The feeling of the warm tears running down my cheeks like they run in a creek.
I don't regret the disap…

Re-Enlisting In the service

When someone re-enlists in the military they never really tell you what it mean.
As a child all you really know is that it’s a big deal. You don’t know how it’s going to effect your life.  My dad decided to re-enlist in the military. I say decide but he didn’t really have a choice. Anyway, enlistment. It’s not just something that effect the solider that is enlisting. It effects everyone around them.
As a military dependents you have to do things as well when you parent or whoever re-enlists. I never understood why I had to miss school to go to this thing but it’s a big deal.
It’s an entire ceremony. Everyone shows up. It’s takes 30 minutes of swearing oaths and more. They don’t tell you that when your parent re-enlists he or she is dedicating another 3-5 years of their life to the service.
You also don’t know that at this prestigious ceremony they thank the families of the person re-enlisting. When someone re-enlists, it doesn’t just affect the solider. It affects the families as well…

Update: School, here we go.

By now most students are back in school. Most of those students are now dreading waking up before the sun is even awake. I am one of those students. It has been a while since I had last posted, but with page view dropping and me, constantly being drowned I homework I haven't had time to actually sit down and write a blog post.
Anyway now to the not regularly scheduled updates about my life that you probably aren't interested in. I started school at my new high school of Mandeville high. I haven't accepted it yet but I am slowly forgetting HeLa and moving on. The school is self is 1800 strong and is exactly what you expect of a normal high school. Nothing really spectacular. Besides the fact that the school is very strong on its no bullying rules and even encouraging students with a new inspirational quote every morning. Most days it seems pretty useless and even cheesy, but I know that one day there's going to be someone who has had a bad day and they're going to h…